Gratuity is not included but appreciated

Body Wraps

$99   1 hour treatment

choice of:  seaweed wrap or organic dark chocolate wrap

gets rid of toxins in the body , tightens skin , helps reduce water retention .

  Skin Care                                                         Massage

Body Scrubs

$99   1 hour treatment

choice of : organic brown sugar & coconut milk scrub ,  lime infused  coffee  scrub .


exfoliates and removes dead skin cells ,hydrates, improves circulation ,rejuvenates ,

tones your skin and leaves it feeling silky soft .

Deluxe ​Facial 50 min.


Whether you need a deep pore cleansing or a hydrating facial , to anti-aging facial  your esthetician can customize your facial to your skin .

Customized  Peels w/facial 1 hr.


Treatment peels for acne, blemishes , large pores , fine lines and wrinkles , freckles , brown  spots and acne scars.

Jessnar Peel 


The ultimate anti-aging peel .Helps resurface and smooth skin , reduces fine lines and wrinkles ,evens out skin tone , helps manage acne prone skin and reduces hyperpigmentation ,

$99 hr.   / $139 per 90 min

​Sweedish  -  most common for those that want to relax  .

Therapeutic -  a combination of sweedish and deep tissue massage customized to your needs .

​Deep tissue -  concentrates on deep layers of muscle and fascia  in the body ,used to treat a variety of physical ailments .

Sports massage-  targets and corrects your unique physical issues .

Hot stone Massage- deep warm stones used to soften and relax musles and tisses of the body .

​Sports Massage -  restores muscles and flexibility using stretching of muscles 

Pre-Natal Massage- helps to relieve back and neck pain and tired legs  for any pregnancy stage

Accupressure- Restores and unblocks energy flow and targets specific pressure points.


​Lymphatic drainage Massage- assists in clearing sluggish tissues of waste and swelling ,water retention ,improve circuation . 

always free aromatherapy added to all treatments if desired.